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My Little Gold Fish

I have a little fish,
Which is a beautiful Goldfish,
I have kept her in a small dish.
To swim like her is my wish.
My lovely little fish.IMG_20170105_145505667


Chandigarh-A city with a vibe

ChdAn unforgettable escapade to city beautiful-Chandigarh. It is one of the most fascinating, happening and vivacious modern city built in the foothills of Shiwalik range mountains and designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. It is the joint capital of two states Punjab and Haryana yet practice its independent existence as a Union Territory. It is one of the most well-planned city with various lush green gardens across the length of the city. It is endorsed by BBC article as “the Perfect city in the world”. It has got its own appeal and charm and its green and happening vibe attracts a large chunk of tourists from around the world. If you still haven’t visited the city then you should definitely need to swing by this zesty city.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Chandigarh is a flavourful city when it comes to food. It is truly a foodie lover’s den. There are over zillions food choices from global cuisines to Desi Indian to choose from and this city brings all the tastes on your platter. There are innumerable modern and international restaurants, Indian eateries, fine dine hotels and cozy cafe’s with zingy ambiance to visit to satiate your tingling taste buds.

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You can not forget and miss the Street food when you are in Chandigarh.

You must bring in giant sized appetite as there is so much to choose from that you can’t resist:

-Pal Dhaba 28-If you are butter chicken lover you can not escape this on the roadside yet well maintained Dhaba.
-Tehal Singh’s Dhaba in Sector 22 for tasty tandoori chicken.
-Nagpal Dhaba in Sector 22 for pure vegetarian folks.
-Amritsari Kulcha’s at Amritsari Kulcha Hub, Sector 9C
-Bhatura Channa’s In Sector 22, Opposite Sector 17 bus stand.
-Gol Guppa’s often known as puchkas and Tikki at Garg Chat in sector 23 & sector 34.
-Rajma Chawal at Ridhi Food & Bholey Di Hatti Sector 44 &
-Kari Chawal at Sector 22.
-Chicken Patties at Classic Bakery at Sector 44 & 37 C.
-Kulche Choley at Sodhi’s Zaika at Sector 46C & Lahori Dhaba at sector 44.
-Spring rolls & Momos at Sector 44.
-Tandoori Chicken at Pehalwan da Dhaba Sector 15 (Rehri Market)
-Soya chaap at WAH Chaap sector 34
-Pav Bhaji & Fish Pakora’s at 3B2 Mohali
-Chinese Chowmein at Chaplin & Toshib Sector 34
-For the people having sweet tooth Classic bakers, Nik Bakers, Over fresh, Super Donuts offer tongue tingling stuff.


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City exuberates a unique and alluring green vibe. It attracts all the nature & serenity lovers, so it becomes a perfect hangout for the haunters of solitude and who crave for the ecologoically healthy environment to let their stress loose to unwind.

-Bougainvillea garden sector 3
-Leisure Valley
-Rose Garden Sector 16
-Japanese Garden Sector 31
-Fragrance garden sector 36
-Terrace Garden in Sector 31
-Silence Garden at the tail end of Sukhna Lake
-Topiary Park sector 35
-PN Mehra Botanical Garden sector 14
-Children Traffic Park sector 23
-Garden of Palms sector 42


The nearby Rock Garden is a park featuring sculptures made of stones, recycled ceramics, and industrial relics. If you got to witness the finest example of best out of waste then you cannot skip upon Rock Garden.


-Doll Museum Sector 23
-Chhatbir Zoo
-Fun City- Barwala (Near Famous Nada Sahib Gurudwara)
-Nada Sahib Gurudwara
-Ramgarh Fort
-Timber Trail (In Parwanoo)
-Pinjore 40 Kms from Chandigarh
-Lake sector 42
-Chokhi Dhani

-Fateh Burj

-Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

-Nepli Nature Reserve


There are a plethora of choices of hotels in City Beautiful which are very well-maintained and well-equipped. There are over 50+ hotels in Chandigarh having the category of 5*, 4*,3* and budget hotels/Inns.



feathers in the capThe natives of Chandigarh come across as very pleasant people and who have a positive approach life always.

-Manmohan Singh: He is Indian Congress Party’s 7th Prime Ministerial candidate till now.
-Yuvraj Singh is the big hitter of Indian cricket. He is still remembered for the six sixes that he hit in an over
-Sabeer Bhatia: He is commonly known as the owner of Hotmail, he revolutionized the email service industry.
-Abhinav Bindra: He is the shooting star of Chandigarh and at a very young age of 12, he won the Championship title for Ropar district tournament.
-Ayushmann Khurrana: a talented youngster who started off his career as an anchor and VJ on television shows, made his movie debut through the film, Vicky Donor
-Kuldip Singh Chandpuri: This Maha Vir Chakra Award winner is one of the reputed officers of the Indian Army and played a remarkable role in the Longevala Battle.
-Gaurav Dhillon: another famous person from Chandigarh, heads the software company that focuses on the application of ventures and integration of data.
-Yami Gautam: who started off her career on TV, made her movie debut with “Vicky Donor” and she won critical acclaim and many awards for her performance in the movie.


-Heart of the City, Sector 17 also famous as sector Sataraan. It’s hub of shopping and eating joints, along with melodious musical fountain show that you cannot miss towards the evening.

-Aroma sector 22- If you are an Ice Cream hog or a night bird, you need to satisfy your taste buds with a variety of delectable food here.

-Night Food Street- For the night birds, you need not dream through the night to satiate your hunger pangsNight Food Street takes care of it.

-Shastri Market in Sector 22- the hub of shopping and eatery offering fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories at dirt cheap prices.

-Flea market in sector 17

-The student center in Punjab University Sector 14 Chandigarh gives you immense sumptuous food variety in affordable prices. Be it Indian Thali, South Indian, milkshakes to grilled sandwiches.

-Geri route -sector 9-10-11-14

-Fish prepared at 3B2 Mohali.



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Hi Earth mates,my name is Ambreen and I am 7 years old.I have a green message from mother Earth for all of us.

I love my planet EARTH.To keep it green I took initiative to make everyone aware about how we can save our beautiful Blue and Green planet.

I made a small group with the help of my friends and we pledge to grow more trees and plants.

I collected stones and painted them to spread message of “Save Earth”.

To save our planet all of us should follow few things:

  • We should not waste water.
  • We should ride more bicycle to avoid pollution which spoils atmosphere.
  • We should not cut trees but each one should plant more trees.
  • We should not use plastic and should not dump it in Oceans.
  • We should clean oceans and help Ocean animals.
  • We should recycle and reuse the resources.
  • We should not litter around and use garbage bins.

More greenery and cleanliness will give us more oxygen to breathe. Hence clean environment to live and healthy atmosphere and Earth would live longer. We all should spread this message.

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A Boy Who had a friendly butterfly

Very authentic work of a lil tiny tot. Worth spending time on.


Butterfly Butterfly, Where do you sing? I sing on the flowers, I drink nector from flowers.
And I fly with the power.

I like butterflies with the name, What is your name?

My name is Dame. Let’s play a game. Let’s play rain rain.

Let’s fly and dance in the rain.

But I have no wings, but I can sing.

I will sing and you dance,

Bye we will meet again when we get a chance.

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A Boy Who had a friendly butterfly

Butterfly Butterfly, Where do you sing? I sing on the flowers, I drink nector from flowers.
And I fly with the power.

I like butterflies with the name, What is your name?

My name is Dame. Let’s play a game. Let’s play rain rain.

Let’s fly and dance in the rain.

And the boy said “but I have no wings, but I can sing.”

I will sing and you do dance,

Bye we will meet again when we get a chance.

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A Little Girl Who Won Friends

Once upon a time it was a sunny day. A  girl named Ananya was playing in the park. Many children were also playing in the park. She was trying to make friends but no one was listening to her. She felt very sad and was crying. Then she thought what to do? She had an idea to make a routine that she will always do reading daily and will not feel bad. The next day she woke up and her mom wished her “Happy Birthday Ananya”  but she wasn’t happy because she had no friends to come to her birthday party. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, as she opened the door all the children said “Happy Birthday” and also felt sorry as they did not play with her earlier.Then she became very happy and excited. Then she happily cut the cake and celebrated her birthday with great joy. But she was still confused as she didn’t know who told the children about her birthday? Then she asked one of her friends about it, her friend replied that your sweet mom told us and invited us all. She became overjoyed that her mom made her birthday so special. Now Ananya has many friends and she is very happy.