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A small incident of my scissors

One day, it was my birthday and my parents were cutting buntings for the pinata. So I asked my father “can I also help you?” Then he said “sure” and he asked me to bring my own scissors. Then I said that “Umm…Father, I don’t remember that where have I kept my scissors?” He asked me to find my scissors and I kept on searching without any success. When I told my father that I was not able to find my scissors, then he was very upset. Later on, I was finding my glue and surprisingly I found my scissors. I told my father that I have found my scissors then he got very happy and from that day onwards I started to keep my things at their respective places.

MORAL: The moral is that if you keep your things at their proper place, you will be able to find them easily.

By, Ambreen   

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My Little Gold Fish

I have a little fish,
Which is a beautiful Goldfish,
I have kept her in a small dish.
To swim like her is my wish.
My lovely little fish.IMG_20170105_145505667

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This blog is about myself of who I am and how I started this blog.


Well, my name is Ambreen and I am a blog writer and a YouTuber. I write poems and real-life stories. My passion for writing developed at the age of 5. To my credit, I have 1 poem 4 stories. I usually write blogs when I find free time on the weekends or when I see or feel strongly about something. Other than this, photography and craft excite me. So I videotape my own craft tutorials like best out of waste & origami craft and upload them to my youtube channel and I click pictures of flowers, nature etc. I also am into roller skating.

The inspiration for doing so many different things comes from my mother as she also writes blogs and is a content writer. And managing my time to do all the things I have learned from my father.

Besides all this, I have a very interesting story to share with you all about how I coined my first poem in 2015 by the name “A Boy Who Had a Friendly Butterfly”. It happened in the summer of 2015, during summer vacations I was playing in the park chasing the butterflies and suddenly one yellow butterfly flew and sat on my shoulder. When I tried to touch it, it flew away. That was the day I felt the butterflies are also friendly.

On the same evening, I wrote my first poem but I published it on my blog on 24th Oct 2016 on WordPress. Now I write blogs under the name taletelleramby. And also you can find me on youtube by my name Ambreen Bakshi.

I feel every child has an imagination and something unique, so we should follow our passions and stay focussed to develop those unique skills.

Thank You to all my audience who appreciate me and motivate me.

Do spare some moments to watch my creativity on youtube:

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A Boy Who had a friendly butterfly

Butterfly Butterfly, Where do you sing? I sing on the flowers, I drink nector from flowers.
And I fly with the power.

I like butterflies with the name, What is your name?

My name is Dame. Let’s play a game. Let’s play rain rain.

Let’s fly and dance in the rain.

And the boy said “but I have no wings, but I can sing.”

I will sing and you do dance,

Bye we will meet again when we get a chance.