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PhotoGrid_1477930734245.jpgAn idea that happened on a festive day of Diwali ended with lots of happiness and truly “Dil-wali” (from the heart) Diwali. A little 6-year-old girl named Ambreen was sitting in the balcony sipping a cup of milk. She saw some poor kids across the street having torn clothes and no shoes on their feet. She heard the doorbell “ding dong” when she opened the door she was surprised to see the poor kids were standing outside her door and were begging for some clothes, money for  the festival of Diwali. Ambreen felt very bad for them and she asked them where they were staying? They told her that they stay on the footpath outside the Lord Shiva temple in her area. She thought about it very deeply for a while and came out with a brilliant idea. She chalked out a plan on a sheet of paper and took it to her father. Her father looked at the plan and nodded  a“yes” to the plan. She wanted to buy dolls for the girls and cars for the boys to play with. So her father made her sit in his lap and very nicely explained to her how she can share and donate her own toys with those kids. That idea of her father struck her mind, she immediately started gathering all her dolls, cars and other toys with which she never played but were new to use. She also gathered her old clothes which did not  fit her as she is grown up but clothes were in good condition. That Diwali evening she was very excited to surprise those kids outside the temple. When she reached the temple with her parents, she surprised all the poor kids by gifting each one of them some toys and clothes to wear and then she gave another surprise to all of them which she never told her parents also and that was, taking all those underprivileged kids out to McDonald’s restaurant located nearby. BUT her parents were equally delighted with this amazing plan she had and her thoughtfulness and the compassion with which she was carrying out her idea.  Her parents drove all the kids to Mc Donalds and ordered burgers for them and also got them balloons, those underprivileged kids were so happy,  their eyes were shining because of excitement. The McDonald’s staff was totally moved by this gesture of the little girl, they too genuinely thanked Ambreen and her parents for making her compassionate plan into reality. Later Ambreen dropped those kids outside the temple and wished them a very happy Diwali and also she instructed those kids not to use crackers as they can injure them and also are harmful to the environment. Those kids were overjoyed and thanked her for making their Diwali the happiest one and most Dil-Wali.

This story is my own real story. I actually did that for those poor kids because I feel that true meaning of festival is to share the happiness.  I thank god that he gave me such lovely idea. I am so happy because I could share my things and happiness with poor kids.