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A Little Girl Who Won Friends

Once upon a time it was a sunny day. A  girl named Ananya was playing in the park. Many children were also playing in the park. She was trying to make friends but no one was listening to her. She felt very sad and was crying. Then she thought what to do? She had an idea to make a routine that she will always do reading daily and will not feel bad. The next day she woke up and her mom wished her “Happy Birthday Ananya”  but she wasn’t happy because she had no friends to come to her birthday party. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, as she opened the door all the children said “Happy Birthday” and also felt sorry as they did not play with her earlier.Then she became very happy and excited. Then she happily cut the cake and celebrated her birthday with great joy. But she was still confused as she didn’t know who told the children about her birthday? Then she asked one of her friends about it, her friend replied that your sweet mom told us and invited us all. She became overjoyed that her mom made her birthday so special. Now Ananya has many friends and she is very happy.



A young 7 year old budding tale teller, I create stories..would like to share with the world.

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