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Self Defense Techniques for Kids

Here is a small compilation of very basic defense techniques by me (I am an orange belt in karate). I have put together some basic lifesaving skills for little kids so that if they find themselves in a dangerous situation, they can evade in some way and buy time to escape.
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A small incident of my scissors

One day, it was my birthday and my parents were cutting buntings for the pinata. So I asked my father “can I also help you?” Then he said “sure” and he asked me to bring my own scissors. Then I said that “Umm…Father, I don’t remember that where have I kept my scissors?” He asked me to find my scissors and I kept on searching without any success. When I told my father that I was not able to find my scissors, then he was very upset. Later on, I was finding my glue and surprisingly I found my scissors. I told my father that I have found my scissors then he got very happy and from that day onwards I started to keep my things at their respective places.

MORAL: The moral is that if you keep your things at their proper place, you will be able to find them easily.

By, Ambreen   

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Poem – manners

Good manners are like that power,

That can help you bloom like a flower.

A few magic words ,

can help you being heard.

When I say please ,

my request is accepted with ease.

When I say sorry,

I am pardoned , that makes me merry.

And when I say thank you ,

It fades away my blue .

When I say excuse me ,

I can see the good habits through me .

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How I started writing blogs

Once upon a time , I was reading a book of poems and they were very interesting then I thought that I should also try writing a poem so then I wrote my first poem a boy with a friendly butterfly then I got the inspiration of writing more blogs so that is how I started writing my blogs.Moral – We should have inspiration of doing something